Tapestry Suppers uses the power of the meal to foster community, build awareness about different cultures and support charitable causes. We believe that diversity strengthens and enriches communities, and that food is a powerful tool for authentic connection.

Our Mission:

Tapestry Suppers seeks to restore the true, heartfelt meaning of connection through intimate gatherings celebrating the diversity of cuisines and cultures in today’s America.

We recognize that the need for authentic connection – with our food, our environments, our communities and ourselves – is a universal human need, on par with the needs for sustenance and shelter.

Through curated programming designed to foster open-hearted sharing and meaningful storytelling, our vision is to offer a place for guests to gather around the table to nourish self and body, nurture the soul, celebrate community and feed the intellect.

With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic in the United States, we have suspended our gatherings indefinitely and are taking the time to pause, reflect and recalibrate the organization for the future. Effective July 2020, Tapestry Suppers is a program under the auspices of The Social Imaginary, a registered 501(c)3 public charity in the state of California.


Inspire and empower immigrants to tell their stories through a meal while raising funds for worthwhile causes.

Build awareness about different cultures and break barriers to connection.

Strengthening relationships in local communities by creating opportunities for real, in-person connection and conversation.

Meet The Team

Jack Wilshere CEO / Founder

Danielle Tsi Founder & President

Danielle Tsi started Tapestry Suppers in the winter of 2017 because she sought an antidote to the climate of hate and intolerance that pervades these times. Born and raised in Singapore, a city-state known for its diversity of ethnicities and cuisines, she knows firsthand how a meal can serve as a powerful tool for fostering connection and understanding across different cultures and traditions. Since arriving in the US in 2007 she’s worn multiple hats as a PR rep, writer and award-winning photographer. She now adds ‘community-builder’ to that list and is excited to see what her next decade in America will bring.

As a child, durian season meant spontaneous get-togethers at my grandmother’s house where I’d watch my relatives skillfully split the thorny fruit to get to the delicious seeds. These durian appreciation sessions turned me into a lifelong fan, not only for its flavor but in how it united my extended family in a common appreciation of the fruit.

Karen Leshner Board Member (2017-2020)

Karen Leshner manages a family foundation that makes grants to public school teachers allowing them to pursue the professional learning of their dreams.  She’s also worked in both high tech and finance.  Karen feels blessed to live in California where we have access to so much delicious and healthy food, and is passionate about supporting local farmers.  She’s a CSA drop-off location for Fifth Crow Farm, where her niece creates gorgeous arrangements from organic flowers.

Growing up in suburban Cleveland, Ohio, I have fond memories of the traditional Jewish bakeries where my family purchased sweets for special occasions. I still daydream about the flaky Russian tea biscuits and giant swirled pecan rolls from Lax and Mandel Bakery.

Sheri Codiana Board Member (2017-2020)

Sheri Codiana has spent the past 2 decades working at both large and small companies in Silicon Valley, including Netflix, Adobe and Motorola, and currently works as an engagement manager at a small startup. A graduate of San Francisco Cooking School, she is an experienced freelance recipe developer and recipe tester. Her favorite projects are those that combine her two passions - food and technology. Sheri has a BS in Aerospace Engineering from Cal Poly, Pomona and an MBA from Santa Clara University.

My aunt’s fried chicken, my mom’s pies, and my grandmother’s homemade apple butter inspired my love of food and cooking. My family took great joy in feeding and nourishing others, and I’ve continued the practice with dinner parties, Sunday suppers, and impromptu meals with friends.

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