What does Tapestry Suppers do?

Tapestry Suppers showcases immigrant stories and cuisines while benefiting charities that support immigrant and refugee rights. Our events marry the values of diversity, self-care and inclusiveness in a format that fosters in-person connection, in a warm, welcoming social setting.

How did Tapestry Suppers come about?

Our Founder and President, Danielle Tsi started Tapestry Suppers in the winter of 2017 because she was looking for an antidote to the climate of hate and intolerance that pervades these times. She is also an immigrant, so the travel ban of January 2017 and the strong anti-immigrant sentiment it unleashed struck close to home.

Tapestry Suppers embodies her belief in the importance of diversity and its many benefits for the individual and society at large. And the fact that you are less likely to hate on someone you’re sharing a meal with.

You call yourself a ‘food-focused movement that resists hate’. Tell me more.

By standing for inclusiveness and diversity, we’re automatically in opposition to divisive values like hatred and discrimination in all its forms. Resisting hate takes work, and it’s important to be in good shape to do it well and to do it sustainably. That’s why we’re here. One of the most powerful means of self-care is nourishing ourselves both physically and emotionally through connections with others and our events provide that opportunity.

How are your beneficiary organizations selected?

We work with the host of each event to pick a charity that’s meaningful to them and aligns with our goals of supporting organizations that work directly with immigrant, refugee or underprivileged communities.

I’m an immigrant and I want to contribute, but my story isn’t all that compelling. What can I do?

So many ways! You can volunteer as a waiter or kitchen help during our event season, attend our events regularly, spread the word or bring your friends along to a meal in your city. If you’re inclined, you could also volunteer as a venue host by hosting an event at your home. Talk to us!

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