Our events have benefited the following organizations in their
work to support immigrant, refugee and underprivileged communities.

Amount Raised: $5,000
Event: Potluck Benefit

This is a disaster relief fund spearheaded by a coalition of local immigration non-profits to directly assist undocumented victims of the Northern California fires. One hundred percent of funds will go to victim support. This video by Splinter News provides a good summary of the fund's goals. Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees (GCIR), a national nonprofit headquartered in Sebastopol, will serve as the fiscal agent for the fund. The Undocufund will provide assistance to pay for such basics as rent and groceries, among other needs. Learn more about what they do on their website.

Developments In Literacy (DIL)
Amount Raised: $804
Event: Tanzanian Lunch

Developments In Literacy (DIL) educates and empowers underprivileged students, especially girls, by offering quality education opportunities and provides professional development to teachers across Pakistan. Our hosts, Tahera and Arif believe this is an important cause to empower girls in the country through literacy to effect both better living conditions for them and their future families, effectively stymying future radicalization of children in the area which relies on their families' poverty and ignorance to thrive. Learn more about their efforts here.

Immigration Equality
Amount Raised: $430
Event: A Brown Table x Tapestry Suppers Dinner

Immigration Equality is staffed by immigration attorneys who provide free direct legal services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ), and HIV-positive immigrants. For more than 20 years, their work has helped vulnerable populations such as asylum seekers fleeing to the US for safety, detainees trapped in immigration jail facilities and LGBTQ immigrant and binational couples and families separated by oceans. Learn more about their work here.

Mercy Corps
Amount Raised: $1,000
Event: Italian Summer Lunch

Mercy Corps is dedicated to supporting global communities around the world impacted by conflict, disaster, political upheaval or economic collapse.
From the Syrian refugee crisis to helping small farmers in Indonesia, Zimbabwe and Uganda increase their productivity, their goals are to help local communities recover from crisis through economic resilience and good governance. Read more about their work here.

Moms Against Poverty (MAP)
Amount Raised: $1,064
Event: Persian Feast

Moms Against Poverty is dedicated to ending childhood poverty in underprivileged communities through Educational and Hunger Relief programs in the US and around the world. Read more about what they do at:

Catholic Charities of Fort Wayne-South Bend
Amount Raised: $850
Event: Burmese Luncheon

Fort Wayne, IN is home to one of the largest Burmese communities in the United States, with more than  6,000 Burmese residents fleeing the civil war and ethnic conflicts in Burma The organization works with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops to provide services that help newly-arrived refugees and asylees adjust to life in the community. Read more about what they do at:

The International Rescue Committee (IRC)
Amount Raised: $350
Event: Vietnamese Lunch

The International Rescue Committee is a global organization that provides humanitarian aid to victims impacted by conflict and disaster by rescuing, resettling and supporting these communities and helping them rebuild their lives. Learn more at: